Additional proffesional education

    Carries out professional training, qualification improvement, re-training, probation of specialists with higher and secondary-special education.

    Duration of studies: from 72 till 1000 hours and more
    Types of training: in groups and individually


  • Mining:

        — Open cut mining;
        — Mine construction and shaft sinking;
        — Mining machines and complexes;
        — Explosion studies/engineering.

  • Mining electric-engineering:

        — Power engineering;

  • Mineral dressing:

        — Underground mining of mineral deposits;


  • Geology and geophysics:

        — Geophysical methods of wells investigations;
        — Geological survey, search and exploration of mineral deposits.

  • Automation of production processes and so on:

        — Information systems in technique and technologies;
        — Automation systems of data processing;
        — Geoinformation technologies.

    After graduation attestation takes place, examination and defense of final paper (depending on characteristics of the course) and a qualification document is issued of the state standard:

  1. Certificate on qualification improvement (studies from 72 till 100 hours)
  2. Certificate on qualification improvement (studies from 100 till 500 hours)
  3. Diploma on professional re-training (studies from 500 till 1000 hours)