Center of Scientific Educational tourism

— Organization and conducting of excursions, summer geological mineralogical practices for students, postgraduates students and guests of USMU
— Visiting of large mineral dressing, mining and metallurgical enterprises of Sverdlovsk oblast, gold and platinum mines, experience exchange and the others.
— For 5 years the University arranges training- educational tours for its partners:
— Friberg Higher Mining School (Germany), Rein-Westfal Technical University (Germany),
— University of Sciences about the Earth (Poland), CFA UNICEM (France).
— Foreign guests are attracted by the possibility to establish scientific-production- educational contacts, and also to acquaint with the beauty and the nature riches of the Urals.


1. Organization and conducting of scientific and acquaintaning excursions around the Urals (from Pre-Polar till Southern). Spheres:
• geography;
• geology;
• mineralogy;
• ethnography;
• ecology.

2. Organization and conducting of practical training and probations for students and teachers on the directions:
• stone treatment;
• treatment of ornamental stone;
• malachite (Russian) mozaic;
• volumetric stone cutting;
• faceting (standard and fantasy) of precious stones (emerald, topaz, amethyst, alexandrite and others).

3. Organization and conducting of excursions to the unique and historical places of the Urals of the world importance (familiarizing with famous deposits of precious stones — Malyshevsky emerald mines, traveling along old Ural river Chusovaya and others).

4. Preparation of educational and scientific collection material for students in specialities:
• geology of mineral deposits;
• mineralogy;
• gemology;
• ornamental-decorating stones.