Faculty of Geology and Geophysics

     The Institute of geology and geophysics (IG&G) was established on July 17, 2000 by the Rector's Order and includes 13 departments:

• Geophysics of oil and gas
• Geoinformatics
• Geophysics
• Geology and protection in emergency situations
• Hydrogeology, engineering geology and geoecology
• Mineralogy, petrography and geochemistry
• Technology and technique of mineral deposits exploration
• Geology, search and exploration of mineral deposits
• Lithology and geology of fossil fuels
• the Nature use
• Foreign languages and business communication
• Mathematics
• Physics

     Scientific activity of department of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics:

  • Development of theory and methodics of geophysical investigations in solution of geological, engineering-geological and ecological tasks on territories of the Nature use;
  • Improvement of technique and technology of bore drilling;
  • Development of computer technologies of data interpretation of results of geological-geophysical investigations in search and exploration of mineral deposits;
  • Elaboration of geophysical methods of control of technological processes and ecological conditions at industrial enterprises;
  • Investigation of the depth composition of the Urals on gravimetric and magnitometric data;
  • Elaboration of apparatus for geophysical investigations;
  • Investigation of physical properties of metals, alloys, composition materials and rock at high thermodynamic parameters;
  • Complex information support of territories of oil-gas and ore deposits at the stages of search, exploration and exploitation;
  • Forecast of the objects geometry and reserves structure on original techniques using computer technologies. Geology and petrology of magmatic and metamorphic complexes of the Urals;
  • Development of geological-genetic models of formation of deposits of noble metals, diamonds, precious stones and fossil minerals;
  • Forecast and search of ore and nonmetalllferrous mineral deposits, including not traditional types;
  • Mineralogy and gemmology of precious stones belt of the Urals;
  • Investigation of questions of hydrogeology, engineering geology and ecological-technological mapping of territories.