Mining Engineering faculty

    The faculty was established in 1934 and includes 10 departments:
• Electrification of mining enterprises
• Automation and computer technologies
• Mining machines and complexes
• Exploitation of mining equipment
• Mining industrial transport
• Electric engineering
• Chemistry
• Engineering mechanics
• Department of mine mechanics is dealing with scientific works:

  • «Introduction of screw compressors for operation in mine conditions»;
  • Investigation and development of optimal type-size ventilators of the main ventilation in metro;
  • «Investigation of reserves of parameters improvement of exploitation of main ventilation installations of the Urals mines»;
  • «Improvement of air-distribution components of piston compressors» and the others.
  • The main directions of scientific researches;
  • «Increase of efficiency of operation of compressor and ventilation installations»;
  • «Forecast of technical state and reliability of mining equipment»;

    Models of technical state are developed of complicated electric-mechanical systems of mining production, reserving their reliability at the stages of their designing, manufacturing and operation.

    Mineral dressing department has several laboratories:
— crushing;
— grinding;
— analytical;
— workshop with installations for gravitational, magnetic, electric and floatation concentration; baking and briquetting of ores;
— special methods of dressing;
— hydrometallurgical laboratory. 

    Main directions of scientific activity of the department:

— development of theory of mineral dressing processes;
— development of new concentration machines and installations;
— development of new flowsheets and procedures of mineral dressing;
— development of theory of sampling of concentration products.