Extracurricular activities

Assistance center of National cultural association (NCA)


   From the moment of its foundation, The Ural Mining University is characterized by social energy, acknowledgement of particular mission of the University as the intellectual center of society.   
   Not without reason, the pre-revolutionary rector Peter Petrovich Von Weimarn became one of the first honorary citizens of Yekaterinburg for a valuable contribution to cultural renovation of the city.
   Ural is the intricate combination of Europe and Asia, Occidental and Oriental civilizations, the interweaving of hundreds of peoples’ cultures.
   Variety of shapes and types in the mineral kingdom, natural conditions and generates genre and technology variety in the Ural tradition of decorative and applied arts: Ural mechanics with the usage of natural “landscape effect” of jaspers, rhodonites, green marbles and other stones.    “Berry-like” desk plate, animal works of Perm tuft, so-called “Ural 3-D music” –  desk sculptural genre compositions, consisting of different types of stones, “Ural rockery”  — a composition on basis of natural shapes (crystals, druses, geodes, dropstones)  are one ounce of experience that artists of Russian, Bashkir, Jewish and German communities in Ural gained within many centuries.
   Since that time the contacts with national cultural associations of the Bashkirs, the Jews, the Tatars, the Georgians, the Armenians, the Yakuts, the Mansi, the Germans the Russians began.  

   First large-scale projects, date from  summer of 2004, when groups of students, united into “creative bashkir section” made several trips to the capital of Bashkiria – Ufa and other Bashkir towns and villages, presenting exhibitions and concerts, devoted to results of the creative year “250 years since Salavat Yulaev’s birthday”.

   Similar cooperation programs in educational field and adjacent regions of extracurricular creative activity emerged with the Jewish community “Menora” of Yekaterinburg (the television space bridge Yekaterinburg- Jerusalem, series of exhibitions, lectures, master-classes of artists), with German autonomy of Yekaterinburg (the congress of the Russians of German origin included  social and political discussion about the role of the Russians of German origin in the formation of mining Ural and extensive cultural program).