Ural State Mining University was founded by the decree of the Emperor Nikolay II in 1914 as the Ural Mining Institute. The first Rector of the Institute was Professor Petr Petrovitch fon Veimarn. Lessons at the institute began on the 22nd of October, 1917.

From 1920 till 1930 it wasn’t an independent establishment but a subdivision of the Ural University and later of the Ural Polytechnic. Since 1934 it has been referred to as Sverdlovsk Mining Institute. In 1991 the original name was given back – Ural Mining Institute. In 1993 the status of Mining Geological Academy was awarded. The quality of education has been growing and in 2004 it got the highest status of Ural State Mining University.

Situated in the center of the biggest in the world Ural mining-industrial region, the University brought a valuable contribution to the development of the mineral base of Russia. Professors and graduates of the University took an active part in prospecting a number of the deposits, coal and oil fields. They also took part in construction and operation of such mining giants as “Uralasbest”, “Vanadium”, Severouralsk Bauxite Rudnic, “Cheliabinskugol” and the others.

During more than 90 years of its existence the University has trained more than 45000 mining engineers for mining enterprises, research and design institutes.

Among the graduates of the University there are 5 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 12 Heroes of the Socialist Labour, 8 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 19 Laureates of Lenin’s Premium, 2 Laureates of the President’s Premium and more than 70 Laureates of the State Premium.