International activities

Areas of international activity, its uniqueness

• training of students from the CIS and other foreign countries;
• skill upgrading and retraining of foreign specialists;
• organizational, information and methodical support of departments and faculties of the University dealing with international agreements and having direct relationships with foreign partners;
• distribution of information about international scientific and educational programs, funds, grants, conferences and exhibitions;
• carrying out of necessary measures when sending the staff and students of the University abroad;
• reception of foreign delegations, students, teachers and researcher workers from foreign countries;
• organization of training students of the University in foreign higher schools;
• organization of the scientific and pedagogical training of the University staff abroad;
• establishment of relations with organizations and individuals for recruitment of foreign citizens wishing to study in the Ural State Mining University;
• continuous monitoring of living and learning conditions of foreign citizens in the University, their timely registration at the Passport and Visa Department of the Main Administration of Internal Affairs.  


The most interesting educational projects:

    1. General cooperation agreement between the USMU and Navoyskiy iron and steel works (Uzbekistan) dated May 26, 2003, the USMU coordinator is V.Z. Kozin.

    The USMU trains specialists with higher education for the Republic of Uzbekistan on a contractual basis. In 2003 the University admitted 29 students on a full-time basis. Fourteen of them graduated from the University in 2004 as open cut mining and mineral dressing engineers and now they are working at enterprises of Uzbekistan. 8 persons got a Master’s degree in the specialities “open cut mining, mineral dressing, bedded deposits mining and mine surveying” in 2005; 1 person got a Master’s degree in the speciality “open cut mining’ in 2006. In 2004-2005 23 students from Navoya and Zarafshan joined 7 first-year students (Faculty of Geology and Geophysics) admitted in 2003. At present 30 full-time and 25 part-time students from Uzbekistan study at the University.

    2.  Joint activity agreement on upgrading qualification of the joint venture “Erdenet” specialists between the USMU and the technological institute of “Erdenet”(Mongolia) dated June 25, 2003, the USMU coordinator is prof. M.V. Kornilkov. Three-month qualification improvement courses were organized for specialists from Mongolia (in 2003 the first group included 18 persons – process and electrical engineers and since 2004 two groups of specialists have been trained annually on a seasonable basis “spring-autumn”).

    The educative process (1,5 months) includes the course “Perfection of the Russian language” and  special courses with further practical training at specialized enterprises of Sverdlovsk region and Bashkortostan.

    3. In December, 2004 the project on the creation of a modern educational technology center was worked out jointly with the scientific production association for development of partnership relations with national mining schools of Asian region. The project has won the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation “Development of scientific potential of a higher school”.

    To implement this project an agreement was concluded with the Navoyskiy State Mining University for distance teaching students and specialists of Navoyskiy iron and steel works.

    4. In mid-May, 2005 a group of post-graduate students and young specialists of the Rhine Westphalia University of Technology (Achen, Germany) visited the USMU under the program of scientific tourism. The purpose of their visit was acquaintance with big concentration plants of Sverdlovsk region.

    5. In summer, 2005 three students of the USMU had practical training in Canada according to the agreement with Barric Gold Company: O.Dudina, D. Pudov (mineral dressing) and D. Matveev (open cut mining), the head of the group was Y.P. Morozov, professor of the mineral dressing department.  


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